What is SomaTraining?

Soma translates to body in Greek.

All parts of the body — the bones, muscles, joints, organs, glands, ligaments, tendons, joints, blood vessels, and nerves — are inextricably linked by a large sheath of connective tissue called the fascia.
SomaTraining is a process of manual therapy techniques for rehabilitating, strengthening, and conditioning founded on osteopathic principles and the connectivity of the fascia within the entire body. These techniques are designed to help facilitate the body's self-healing process for long-term recovery and optimal health.
The SomaTraining program for fitness, athletic, and other health professionals and therapists expands on your already existing knowledge of the anatomy and biomechanics of the body. The specific techniques learned in this program teach professionals how to overcome various complex problems and conditions that patients and clients could have.
The SomaTraining techniques can be added to and enhance the skills of athletic trainers, chiropractors, personal trainers, osteopaths, physiotherapists, and other health and wellness professionals.
A diploma in SomaTraining will allow you to help clients overcome sports injuries and chronic pain, maximize athletic performance and achieve optimal wellness.

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SomaTraining Texas

What is SomaTraining?

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SomaTraining ★ Texas Institute

Instructor:  Scott Herrera

In order to work through the challenges presented by the current global pandemic and maintain the quality of the SomaTraining program, the program has been restructured. The new organization of the SomaTraining teaching will be as follows:
The SomaTraining founder Guy VOYER, DO will be teaching the theoretical courses and related materials online via live stream. A following two day in person course practical application course will be held.
The online theory courses will require 2 evenings in a row of 4 hours each (from 7 to 11 pm, Central Standard Time); There will be an additional 2 days of practical classroom sessions which we will be hosting at Legacy Sport & Wellness Center. See the schedule below to register for the practical application courses.

If you only take the Practical portion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of completion for the 16 hours of the Practical.  
This will be signed by Scott Herrera as the Instructor.
This will NOT be signed by Guy VOYER, DO. Neither will it be considered as completion of the course for purposes of receiving a SomaTraining Diploma.

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Year 2

Certificate of Advanced Trainer

General ELDOA™
ELDOA™ (Longitudinal Osteoarticular Decoaptation Stretches, from the French Etirements Longitudinaux avec Decoaptation Osteo-Articulaire)
Lots of pain, arthrosis, neurological pinching, disc compression and articular lesions result from compactions, compressions and/or articular blocks. There is an effective solution to these ailments: ELDOA™. ELDOAs™ consist of very precise postures which target relief in a specific articulation. The advantage of these postures is that once you learn them, they take only a minute a day to perform.
Seminar Outline:
◉ Background and methodology
◉ Lumbar ELDOA™ practice
◉ Thoracic ELDOA™ practice
◉ Cervical ELDOA™ practice
◉ Pelvic ELDOA™ practice (sacroiliac joints and symphysis pubis)

MyoFascial Stretching

For a long time now we believed that we knew how to stretch muscles; however, how do you stretch a muscle when it is sheathed in a leather casing? Muscles are three dimensional in shape with multiple sites of attachment and fascia is the thin ‘skin’ weaving into and surrounding structures like the muscle tissue, ‘linking’ various structures together in a chain that includes the joint or joint capsule.
Stretching a muscle is only effective once the “skin” that covers it is no longer dry and retracted. Myofascial stretches respect the anatomy of the muscles, their aponeuroses as well as their function. At this point, the analytical study of the fascial chains allows for an incredibly effective stretch position.
All the connective tissue in the body is made of water and this water is arranged in microscopic tubules. Perhaps even more amazing is that the fascia is continuous upon itself: it is one single entity. In order to stretch a specific muscle it is better to consider it as a link in a specific chain extending from the toes to the back of the knee, inserting into one or more of the ligaments of the pelvis. This is the ‘real anatomy’ of the body and respects the global organization of its tissues. A stretching posture will be chosen to solicit the tension of the whole fascial chain in order to correct the specific muscle link.
With myofascial stretching (MFS), the goal is not to gain flexibility of a muscle, but to improve the quality of the movement of the tissues in relation to one another. MFS is the only type of stretching that respects this organization.
This seminar will systematically review the proper method of stretching for all major muscles of the trunk, the upper and lower limb giving close to 100 different stretching exercises.
Seminar Outline – Specific myofascial stretches for the noted muscles:
Myofascial Stretches of the lower extremities: iliopsoas, biceps femoris, semimembranous, semitendinous, superficial gluteus maximus, deep gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, obturator internus, piriformis, quadratus femoris, rectus femoris, vastus internus, vasatus externus, graacilis, pectineus, tensor fascia lata, superior fascicle of adductor brevis, inferior fascicle adductor brevis, adductor longus, superior fascicle of adductor magnus, middle fascicle of adductor magnus, inferior fascicle of adductor magnus, medial gastrocnemius lateral gastrocnemius, soleus, tibialis anterior, extensor digitorum, extensor hallucis.

Specific Proprioception & Awareness

Proprioception: The physiology that controls an articulation depends on numerous control mechanisms located in the muscle tendons, ligaments and articular capsule. Therefore, it is advisable to train these “micro-computers”to increase or revive control of a joint. Following a sprain, to treat arthrosis, to recover articular mobility, and to improve efficiency of movement, these various aspects of proprioception must be trained.
“However, this work must be very precise. Because it is not the joint that is trained as a whole but a specific ligament or part of the capsule within that joint.”
This class will teach the hundreds of exercises that may be used throughout the body for this proprioceptive work.
Awareness: How can an articulation be trained, a muscle strengthened, or a posture corrected, if the brain does not know the area being treated? How does a spine remain straight, if the feeling of being straight is skewed? The cortex must be trained to become acquainted with and recognize every area of the body. A strict methodology involving four progression factors is indispensable to really becoming familiar with the pelvis; the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine; and the various diaphragms.
You will learn how to apply the very important and often neglected aspect of awareness in your daily practice.

Specific ELDOA™

After learning to treat the centralized joints of the body with the general ELDOA™ class, you will learn to treat the joints in the periphery with very precise postures, which target relief in these specific articulations. The goal will be to decoapt and normalize the peripheral joints. As before, once you have learned these, they take only a minute a day to perform.
Seminar Outline:
◉ Background and methodology
◉ Thoracic-Cage ELDOA™
◉ Coxo-Femoral ELDOA™
◉ Shoulder ELDOA™
◉ Sacral and Sacro-Coccygeal ELDOA™
◉ Cranial ELDOA™

Year 3

Diploma of SomaTrainer

Cardiorespiratory Training & Physical Conditioning + Sauna

It is advisable to increase cardio-vascular and cardio-respiratory capacities. Whether for a beginner, to maintain general conditioning, preparatory training for sports, or to improve the performance of a high caliber athlete, only a program adapted to the individual needs can respond to the specific objectives.
This course will study the elements that will permit progress in endurance, as well as cardiovascular and cardio-respiratory abilities according to the individuals needs.

Global Postural Stretching (GPS)

Whatever your methods of preseason conditioning, training, or re-education, it is necessary to place the body part being solicited, into a global posture. To rediscover the efficiency and fluidity of a movement, the GPS allows a perfect linking between the joint, the muscle and their fasciae. These specific postures must be meticulously performed and are adapted to each part of the body.
The positions can be used in training and conditioning as well as in pre-season training. They are equally of indubitable efficiency for all re-education programs.
For example, after an accident or an illness, all therapeutic treatment must be completed by a rehabilitation of all activities of daily life, in the personal life; the sporting life; and the professional life.
There are thus four big stages to follow:
◉ The first is curative; by the surgeon, doctor,  osteopath; or chiropractor according to       their methodology.
◉ The second allows the patient to validate the   therapeutic action above by analytic auto-normalization exercises such as myofascial stretching, ELDOA™, circulatory or respiratory    exercises, proprioception exercises, awareness training, etc
◉ The third stage brings in global postural exercises to give to the patient a general integration back into daily life,  and sporting and professional activities. It is these global postural stretches of the trunk; and upper and lower limbs that are included in the program of the advanced personal trainer.
◉ The fourth stage is the return to normal activities of the individual in question.

Strapping for Sports Pathologies

This course will cover a specific methodology and strapping techniques for common sport and overuse injuries; such as sprains, subluxations, tendonitis etc., that should be used as a therapeutic intervention along other therapies. Very frequently, to assist in the ability of movement or strength performance, the trainer must apply a therapeutic tape job for a ligament, tendon, muscle or a specific articulation.

Normalization & Segmental Strengthening of the Transversus Abdominis (TVA) with Practical & Clinical Application

Biomechanics & Techno-Methodology of Functional Reinforcement of Transverse Abdomen (TVA)
The TVA (Transverse abdominis) is not a simple muscle of the abdominal group. Its anatomy is very precise. It is the deepest, directly related to the peritoneum, thus all the abdominal and pelvic viscera. It is synergistic with the thoracic diaphragm, and therefore acts on the thoracic and mediastinal viscera.
The TVA’s specific biomechanics allows us to have over 100 specific exercises to act on the posture, the plasticity of the abdomen and the different visceral functions of the abdomen, the thorax and the pelvis.
This course is exceptional.

Graduation & Champagne!

Celebration with Champagne!
After 3 years of courses and hands-on exams with Guy VOYER, DO, the student walks away with a Diploma in SomaTraining and many toasts of congratulations.

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